какой аккумулятор для toyota sequoia 2006

В: какой аккумулятор для toyota sequoia 2006

Toyota Sequoia модель 2011 года проблемы с печью

В: Никто не сталкивался с проблемой печи в новой секвое? В 20 градусный мороз ездить невозможно, окна запотевают, в машине холодно. Дует еле как и чуть теплым воздухом.
До этого была секвоя 2001 года выпуска, вот там печь как печь, аж сдувало и воздух горячий...
Не подскажете как бороться с...

Police Inspector dupes US-based Nigerian lady [PHOTO]

After the case, we became friends and Chukwu later proposed to me. Chukwu asked me if I was married and I said no. He told me he had divorced his wife and proposed to me. Because he sounded good, I discussed with my family and accepted his... I was introduced to Chukwu who was then attached to the Special Fraud Unit, SFU of the Nigeria Police in Ikoyi, Lagos to handle the case. An Inspector of the Nigeria Police Force attached to X Squad Section Force, Criminal Investigation Department Annex, Lagos, Anthony Chukwu, has been arrested for defrauding a female Nigerian Medical Director in the United States of America, Miss... Veronica claimed that Chukwu converted the proceeds from the sale of vehicles and other imported items she asked him to sell on her behalf to his personal use.

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